Terms and Conditions Meyl Instruments

Note: This is only the English translation of the German terms and conditions. Where the two language versions do not match or there are doubts as to the interpretation, the German version is decisive.

§ 1 Scope of application
For all business relations between Meyl Instruments, c/o Jochen Meyl, Ludwig-Mohr-Str. 6, D-34119 Kassel, and the client these terms and conditions are applicable and exclude any other conditions. Terms and conditions that oppose or deviate from these terms and conditions are not accepted by Meyl Instruments and explicitly rejected. Opposing terms and conditions by a client are only valid on written acceptance by Meyl Instruments.

§ 2 Cancellation Right
You can withdraw from your purchase within two weeks without giving reasons for it. The withdrawal declaration has to be in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by sending back the purchased good. You have no cancellation right when you entered into the contract in your function of being a commercial or self-employed business holder (order by entrepreneur not consumer). The two-week term begins with the delivery of the purchased good and a full explanation of the cancellation right in text form. The statement of withdrawal from the contract has to be sent to: Meyl Instruments, Jochen Meyl, Ludwig-Mohr-Str. 6, 34119 Kassel, Germany.

§ 3 Consequences of Cancellation
In case of a valid cancellation both parties have to return the goods or performance achieved. If you cannot return the purchased item or can only partially return it or only in a deteriorated condition, you have to indemnify us. This is not true in cases where the deterioration of the item is only due to an examination of it in a way you could have examined it in a shop, too. Apart from that you can avoid the obligation for indemnification by abstaining from any use of the item and by abstaining from any action that could affect its value.
Any obligation for payments have to be fulfilled by you within 30 days after sending the statement of cancellation to us.

If the item delivered was delivered according to your order and if the price of the item to be returned by you does not exceed 40 Euro you have to bear the costs of returning the item. The same is true in the case where the item has a higher price but at the time of cancellation you have not yet payed the valuable consideration or a share of it as established by contract.

§ 4 Exclusion of damages
The client is responsible for damages to the goods which are clearly caused by his improper handling of the item. If the client returns the item he has to take due care for packaging the item in a way it will not be harmed on the transport. The client is fully responsible for damages caused by improper packaging. The client is in any case responsible for damages to the goods which he caused intentionally or by negligence.

§ 5 Complaints
In the case of defects which are due to faults in the material or due to technical defeciencies of the products we reserve ourselves the right to retouch twice. If the retouch fails, the client can claim his statutory rights and e.g. withdraw from the contract or claim depreciation.

§ 6 Warranty
Generally the statutory term of 24 months applies to the warranty.
Only such defects are covered by the statutory warranty where the item in the first place:
- did not measure up to the usual use and condition;
- did not measure up to the description of it in advertisements
- did not measure up to contractual agreements.

Following defects are not covered by the statutory warranty:
- damages which are due to improper handling
- wear and tear
- negligence of the client
- defects due to excess voltage or stroke of lightning
- defects which were already known at the time of purchase
- defects which are caused by poor maintenance

Only on defects in terms of the statutory warranty Meyl Instruments is obligated to repair these.

§ 7 Reservation of title
Until complete payment the goods remain the property of Meyl Instruments.

§ 8 Statement of privacy
Our privacy practice is according to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) as well as to the Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG). The data transferred together with the order of a client are processed for the handling of the contract and saved permanently in the ordering system. No data is forwarded to third parties. The client agrees that his/her data can be used for internal market research and internal marketing purposes. This agreement can renounced at any time in writing or e-mail.

§ 9 Prices and Payment
After the confirmation of the order by Meyl Instruments, the price of the ordered goods plus the transportation costs have to be transferred to the account of Meyl Instruments which then effects the sending of the goods to the client. The client can choose payment on delivery (C.O.D.) if he is willing to bear the additional collection-fee.

§ 10 Conclusion of contract
The representation of the products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer. It is merely a non-binding online catalogue. After you have entered your personal data and clicked the button ‘Send offer’ in the final step of your ordering procedure you make a binding offer regarding the items you have designated. Meyl Instruments will then acknowledge the receipt of this order. The contract is concluded with this order confirmation of with the delivery of the goods.

§ 11 Legal venue
Where an agreement about the legal venue is legally possible, any dispute arising hereunder will be settled before a competent Kassel/Germany court of law.

§ 12 Miscellanous
Should one or several clauses of these terms and conditions be invalid the consequence shall not bet he invalidity of all the clauses. The invalid clause shall be replaced by the respective statutory regulation.


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