Cables for your cans


Do you have cans and there is something wrong with the cable?
The cable causes wrong rock-slams because it has a loose contact?
Or does it look just unsightly?

In that case we could manufacture a new cable for you.
We will also use our very soft and high flexible cable. This cable has a cross-section of 0.75mm² and is build out of 249 fine copper wires.



On one end of the cable we solder a right-angled 6.3mm standard plug, which is also used in professional audio appliations.
On the other end we could mount according to customers request either eyelets or crocodile clips.



Please give us the following informations to manufacture your cables:

  • length of the cable
  • crocodile clips or eyelets (please determine the diameter of the eyelets)

If you have further requests, don't hesitate to contact us.


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